Looking for a sisterhood of other women to connect with? Women who understand and have/are navigating midlife successfully? Compassionate humans with the desire to listen and offer help so you don't feel alone or isolated on this journey/chapter of your life? You will receive this and so much more.

W E L C O M E . T O . C A M P M I D L I F E

It’s nearly impossible to overstate the value of women coming together. We talk a lot about women’s empowerment around here, but the best stories are usually when—you guessed it—women invest in women.

That’s why Mollie Openshaw decided to connect women all across the globe by way of Camp Midlife.

I hear you asking, “What is Camp Midlife?

Camp Midlife is a community designed for women to connect with other women who share the desire to live with purpose and intention… allowing their authentic self to be present! Empower women to live the lives they love, igniting their passion to make a positive contribution in the world. Camp Midlife consists of online memberships, blogs, masterminds, group calls, Camp Midlife swag, day retreats, weekend camping trips, community projects and launching soon the “Estrogen Lounge” Podcast.

Boldly loving and living midlife Mollie is passionate about living life to the fullest each day. Living with joy and surrounding herself with positive people, she laughs more, loves more, doesn’t sweat the small stuff, worries less and lives for seeking out new adventures… and let’s face it, LOTS OF FUN. Now’s the time for you to be part of this fast growing community.

Remember your midlife is what you make it.

Meet the creative lady behind Camp Midlife: Mollie

About Mollie:
I’m Mollie. 
My journey began with the creation of Mood Swing Wines in 2013. It was about celebrating and poking fun at menopause through my delightfully tasting wines. This provided a platform for me to inspire and encourage women to embrace that time in their life. Mood Swing Wines gave me the opportunity to travel and provide community to women who wanted to comically approach menopause. Mood Swing Wines was the exclusive wine at Harrah’s Las Vegas show, Menopause the Musical and my wine was sold in several stores in 8 states. As a global keynote speaker and midlife coach, I took the stage with a message of hope, that it was now time to embrace their lives and live it to the fullest. Too often I see women putting themselves second in life, failing to achieve their dreams, and  merely ‘settling’. This is your one life… become alive again! My journey sent me to Barcelona, Spain, where I was part of a show; Life Matters. A reality show that aired on the FYI channel in July, 2016. I have been featured in articles and many media outlets and what an honor it was to be the choice wine at Gladys Knights birthday party. With a lot of prayer about what’s next, I am thrilled to say that there are  many exciting opportunities coming up. Women all around the globe connecting by way of Camp Midlife. And crossing fingers, maybe a podcast called Estrogen Lounge!