Mollie & Rhonda

About Mollie:
I’m Mollie. Nope, I’m not married to a lead singer in an iconic band although, (LOVE ME SOME LITTLE RIVER BAND) I used to date a singer in a band… Ok ok, would smooching my Tiger Beat poster in my bedroom when I was a girl qualify as ‘dating’? 
My journey began with the creation of Mood Swing Wines in 2013. It was about celebrating and poking fun at menopause through my delightfully tasting wines. This provided a platform for me to inspire and encourage women to embrace that time in their life. Mood Swing Wines gave me the opportunity to travel and provide community to women who wanted to comically approach menopause. Mood Swing Wines was the exclusive wine at Harrah’s Las Vegas show, Menopause the Musical and my wine was sold in several stores in 8 states. As a global keynote speaker and midlife coach, I took the stage with a message of hope, that it was now time to embrace their lives and live it to the fullest. Too often I see women putting themselves second in life, failing to achieve their dreams, and  merely ‘settling’. This is your one life… become alive again! My journey sent me to Barcelona, Spain, where I was part of a show; Life Matters. A reality show that aired on the FYI channel in July, 2016. I have been featured in articles and many media outlets and what an honor it was to be the choice wine at Gladys Knights birthday party. With a lot of prayer about what’s next, Rhonda entered my life. Together we share the same vision for women. We are thrilled to bring many exciting opportunities to all of you in our group. Women all around the globe connecting by way of Camp Midlife. Co-host of our podcast, ‘Estrogen Lounge’. 

About Rhonda:
Some may know me as the wife of Lead Singer/Bassist Wayne Nelson of Little River Band, others may know me as an author and motivational speaker and some recognize me through the philanthropic work that I am involved in. All of those things are a big part of who I am, but I’m also so much more! I’m a Southern girl at heart, sprinkled with a little touch of cosmopolitan city life, and gypsy vibes flowing through my veins. As many people say about me, I never let the grass get too green under my feet.
Like my parents, I was born and raised in Tennessee. I grew up listening to all genres of music which created the diverse music lover I am today. My love of music led me to a Little River Band concert in 1999 at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN where I met my husband, Wayne. That serendipitous meeting was the beginning of our special love story and we married a year later.
In 2016, I wrote “A Different Life” to share mine and Wayne’s life story and to share what it’s like to be married to a member of an iconic band that is still touring heavily after 46 years. I pull back the curtain to share some of our life’s funny moments, tragic moments and to give you an intimate peek behind the scenes.
Along with being an entrepreneur, philanthropy work is extremely important to myself and my husband. There are many causes and organizations that are near and dear to us and that we are involved in supporting. Some of these causes include: Animal Welfare; Arts/Culture/Humanities; Health Advocacy & Awareness; Community Development; Human Rights & Services.
At the age of 50, having been linked with the name of an internationally famous rock band and living with the misconceptions that can bring, I became passionate about sharing the message, ‘LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE’. Embracing middle age, being fearless in defining and achieving your own success(es) and loving the life you create for yourself is the heart of the message I share when I’m speaking and touring out on the road.
I look forward to having you join me in the Camp Midlife community where we let our authentic selves shine with purpose and intention, loving the life we live.