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Blogger – Cat Eckrode

When Cat Eckrode began exploring the outdoors, she was out of shape, felt out of place, lacked any outdoor skills, had no idea what gear she should have, plus she faced well-intended doubts from others as obstacles every time she set out for the trail. Today, she is not only confident in her own abilities as an outdoorswoman but in the ability of those who haven’t even started hiking yet! Through amazing first-hand experiences, a lot of research, and immense personal growth, she’s learned how many great benefits can come from trail-based adventures. Cat strongly believes that the skills and joys found in outdoor adventure spill over into everyday life, and that the outdoors are truly for everyone to enjoy. She pairs her passion for personal growth gained by exploring the outdoors with her professional background, including experience as a leader and a coach. When introducing others to hiking basics, she makes a point of sharing ethical and sustainable practices that respect nature and all others who enjoy the outdoors. Her primary mission is to introduce others to trail-based adventures by building a foundation of basic outdoors skills & knowledge, leaving each individual with a sense of self-confidence and empowerment to be carried both on and off the trail. Everyone can become The Outdoor Adventure Kind

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