Camp Midlife Retreats

We are looking forward to the Camp Midlife Retreat for 2023. As new information unfolds, we will have updates here. We are praying that life will return to some normalcy and we can connect in person safely once again! Health and safety is number one. BE YOU LOVE YOU Mollie & Rhonda

Camp Midlife Retreats

Whether it is a one-day meet and greet, workshop, weekend retreat or a total camping experience… Mollie and Rhonda are working together to provide the best (and safest) experience for all who attend.

Their minds have been working on locations and what kind of event they will hold, so that you will be able to gather, and walk away with moments that will last a lifetime. Both are up for the task and joy in creating these. When specifics are known, members will be informed right away. Until then, enjoy the online connections, workshops, and sisterhood offered.