Charm of the Month!

Signing up for Camp in August, you’ve already (or it’s on the way,) received your bracelet and first charm. Here is an opportunity to add to your bracelet and receive a new charm per month. There will be a  task or exercise that goes along with it. Updates will be on this page. This is an exciting opportunity to wear something that holds personal meaning… knowing you’ve done a good deed. Just like we earned badges in our youth, we earn charms in our joyous midlife!

Due to the virus, we are extended the offer of this adorable paw prints in a heart, charm. Shown is the front and back. The pay-it-forward task is to do something animal/pet related. You can volunteer to walk a neighbor’s dog, visit a shelter and/or donate a bag of food, adopt a pet if you are looking to do such, volunteer to collect items needed by your local animal shelter or even helping distribute information on spay and neuter programs. It is wide open to your imagination. When you’ve completed your task, please send a photo of the moment and details to, so we can put them up on our website and share the happiness with others! You can purchase this charm using the PayPal button below.

A message from Mollie regarding this months charm!

When you share your act of kindness or show off your charm on social media, please use the hashtags; #CampMidlife and #ShowItWithKindness. Thank you!

The Happy Camper charm and bracelet below is sent to all of those that sign up for the retreat or join the Charm of the Month Club. If you’d like to purchase the bracelet and charm, use the PayPal button below.