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Opportunities to connect and support each other.

We firmly believe that connection and supporting other women is essential and important in making the world a better place. At Camp Midlife we have this vision of building a beautiful global community of strong women who will help each other succeed in life and business, and look for opportunities to mentor younger women as they ascend the ladder into adulthood and beyond.
Here are members that support the vision of Camp Midlife and we want to support them on their journey. There is no room for competition here, as there may be one, two or more with the same business but we support them all. 
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Deb Lawson. Need Motivation To Become Your Best Self? Want A Positive Outlook on Life? Is Your Brain Bombarded With Thoughts Like: “Life’s Too Short To Be Unhappy, Unsure, or Unfulfilled?”
There’s a Good Chance I’ve Been In Your Shoes. So … Let an Expert in Perspective & Experience Help You … Be Happy. Be Sure. Be Fulfilled.
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Your Guide for ‘All Things Good’
A Coach, Mentor, Servant Leader, Passion Pursuer
An Instigator of Leadership/Humanitarian Experiences
All from someone who: Transitioned out of a traditional career to one of passion and purpose.

Live Life With Passion, Purpose & Pride
​As Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of leaders2inspire I’m excited to be part of an energetic team whose collective mission is to build corporate cultures of purpose and high performance.


Kama Hagar is a certified holistic wellness coach and reiki master with a speciality in meditation, Hawaiian healing, yoga and emotional well-being. Her selfless and no-one-size-fits all approach to self-care and healing has been highlighted by influential sources such as, Forbes, ABC news, and Bustle.