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I’m in Shape…Round is a Shape, Right? – Traci Lay

Honestly, inside me is a really big girl who is struggling for domination. It seems that nearly every year into my 40’s and 50’s I have gained a couple of pounds, especially around my middle. I blame a slower metabolism, but I know it’s also a faster fork. It’s so easy to put it on. And, so freaking hard to lose! Between menopause, my time sitting at the computer, and my social life, I have to really watch what I eat more than ever. The older I get the more I like my coffee, my wine, and my chocolate like the Kardashians like their men; stronger, darker, and richer! Snap.

First of all, you are not fat. You have fat. If you have big boobs, you are not big boobs. See the difference? Okay, so I have fat. Will I lose the extra weight? Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, I want to feel better about how I look and so do most of you. I want to hide it, camouflage it, minimize it, whatever. I personally can’t wear shapewear. It gives me an awful stomach ache. So, what can you do instead of Spanx, a girdle, corset, waist cincher, or other torture device? First, let’s take a look at this lovely gal below to see what doesn’t work to minimize a fuller shape.

The tendency people have to hide by wearing over-sized and shapeless clothing is depressing. It’s also not flattering. Over-sized tops can be cute if they are tucked in, or tied, or off one shoulder and worn with a skinny bottom. But, that’s
for another day, another blog post.

Now look at the same model below starting with the picture on the left. Cute, right? She’s wearing a slim bottom with a looser, A-line top. See how the sleeve gives a bit of ‘breathing room’ by showing some skin? She can get away with longer-length top because she doesn’t have short legs. She looks pretty good.

Now, look at the next one. It’s better because she has on beige shoes and exposed a little leg. This makes her appear taller and slimmer. Adding the choker brings your eyes in to center and makes her shoulders seem a little less wide. There is no necklace in the first picture to soften the wide neckline. (If you have narrow shoulders then leave off the necklace/choker)

Picture #3 is even better because of the empire (higher) waist gives her a nice shape. Notice also that the whole top half of her blouse is more fitted, and then loose where her belly & hips are. Again, she has added a nude/beige bootie to elongate those legs and kept the bottoms slim-lined. A black knee-high boot would have also been a great choice here to extend the legs visually.

#4 is the very best. Starting with the top; a v-neck is the most flattering neckline, the darker sides and contrast center make you focus more on the center of her body, the tie gives her a waist, and the straighter shape minimizes her hips. The darker bottoms keep the dark lines vertical. And, last but not least, the beige shoes along with the cropped length making her legs appear longer.

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