Camp Midlife Giving Back!

Camp Midlife believes that giving back and doing acts of kindness #ShowItWithKindness is fulfilling to the soul. It is a community of women supporting women, whose mission is to give, live, and share. Camp Midlife also believes that giving back through humanitarian cause is paramount to the goals it wants to achieve.

leaders2give Inc. is Camp Midlife’s humanitarian cause of choice.

“Why leaders2give? Well, when you find somebody that is as passionate about giving back as I am, it was an easy choice to partner with Deb & Tracey. Both of these women personify giving back with the same heart-of-service that I have. There are so many external benefits to the act of giving like the wonderful difference you’ve made in a person’s life. The internal benefit is how much happiness, connection, and fulfillment you receive that is long-lasting.”
~ Mollie Macarthy-Openshaw

leaders2give Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to leaders2give, Inc. are tax-deductible.

At leaders2give we feel called to improve, sustain, and support the lives of people in need. We do this by raising money, donating time, and providing opportunities for others to step up and join the movement.

Have you ever felt that you have a calling to do something more meaningful, but you don’t know where to start?

leaders2give beliefs:
1) helping is helping. That means all causes are worthy. If you do anything to improve someone’s life, or make the planet a better place in any way, shape or form, then you are doing the important work needed to uplift the world. Don’t listen to the naysayers!
2) we can do more together. When we network with like-minded and like-hearted people, the possibilities are endless!
3) it’s important to do good every day. Actions speak louder than words and we see all the time how people are inspired to help out or take up a cause because of the good work being done around them. We want to leave a legacy to inspire others too.
4) it’s important to inspire, equip, and empower those we help to give back to their community and future generations.
5) it’s important to build trust and develop relationships in the communities we’re supporting by keeping community members involved in our projects.
6) we have a calling to help people just like you to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life by giving back.

Camp Midlife and leaders2give are collaborating to provide Camp Midlife members the opportunity to directly contribute to our joint missions, in the following ways:
1) Financially: 1x or monthly donation. Go to and the Donate button is in the upper right corner.
2) Fundraising: locally in your communities at home – with proceeds to leaders2give
3) Merchandise donations: new or used clothing, shoes, supplies, etc.
4) VIP experience “Helping Hands” : A 4-day hands-on, hearts-in, feet-on-the-ground experience in the beautiful Baja Mexico.
5) Camp Midlife Charm of the Month: a portion of the monthly subscription is donated to leaders2give.

leaders2give is the beneficiary partner of leaders2inspire 
Both were founded in 2019.

leaders2give is also overseeing the construction of a new orphanage that will house children whose parents are unable to care for them. It will be a place where single mothers can bring their children to be looked after while getting medical care that they or their other family members need — a place where kids can feel safe, go to school, have friends, eat nutritious meals, grow, thrive and basically, be kids.

VIP experience “Helping Hands”
Under construction – this is what it could look like!

Day 1 – Travel to Los Cabos, Mexico
– (travel to be arranged to arrive no later than 2pm local time)
– Transportation to Los Barriles
– Check-in hotel
– Welcome Reception – Palmas de Cortez Poolside Cantina
– Leaders2give story

Day 2 – 9am – meet in lobby > transportation to LaPaz
– Hands on Experience: Visit/Volunteer Mission to New Creation Kids Orphanage
– 3pm Depart LaPaz return to Los Barriles
– Dinner – 3Dog Corner (Authentic Los Barriles experience)

Day 3 – 10am: ATV riding to El Cardonal
– Hands on Experience: Visit/Volunteer Mission to new orphanage site in El Cardonal
– 3pm: Return to Los Barriles
– 6pm: Wine/pairing dinner @ the Palmas

Day 4 Departure day
10am: TT Cabo Transportation to SJD airport
(travel to be arranged for flight departures after noon local time)

Testimonials from those who have experienced this amazing opportunity!

“I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience travel AND give back to community. What an expansion to the mind!
The value from visiting the orphanage was infinite.
The leadership lessons have motivated me so much to contribute to something so big now!”

-Jo-Anne Chow

“So much value!
Leadership and Humanitarianism = 2 passions of mine and I got to do both in one conference!
It was incredible to be part of the engaged attendees, and as a keynote to help at the fundraiser AND on-site at the orphanage was very special for me.

-Julie Cole

“The networking for me was invaluable.
So much value with the combined leadership and volunteer work!
The support of Adam, Tracey, & Deb as well as my ‘new tribe’ of friends reaches well beyond what happened in Mexico.

-Lorraine Rollo

“This Retreat was an incredible learning experience. It made me feel so empowered. My heart was so full when I saw the kids – there was a lump in my throat as soon as I saw them on arrival.
I knew that moment, someone wanted me to be there!
YES: 1 person CAN do something and make a difference.
Everyone should do this! Go with your heart, the return will be 3x or even 4x what the cost is”

-Cathy Kaufman

“I learned more about real leadership in the week I spent here than I have in 20 years in corporate leadership roles”

-Beth Cartlidge

leaders2give Points of contact

Deb Lawson
Transitioned out of a traditional career to a career of passion.
There are probably lots of moms out there wanting to leave corporate but not sure how… some go to entrepreneurship, which Deb did, but she also weaved in her philanthropic goals

There is life after Corporate Canada. Deb’s done it! and doing it! Deb has over 23 years of Mom experience & 35 years of business experience.
She’s had a lifetime of success, while motivating and helping people become their best selves. She has successfully transitioned out of a traditional career into one of passion and purpose, leveraging her combined depth and breadth of personal/professional life experiences, as a working Mom and corporate executive. She is an integral part of a movement; supporting numerous Leadership & Humanitarian experiences through her role as Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder of leaders2inspire, and her position as Vice President & Board Member of leaders2give.

A certified hypnotherapist, Tracey is passionate about helping others remove their limiting beliefs that may be preventing them from living their true purpose.

So many people share that they feel a calling to do more in the world, but they just aren’t sure how to do it. Tracey’s calling is to support these people in taking up whatever cause they feel compelled to support to help create a wave of positive action in the world.

Tracey is also one of the founding members of leaders2inspire and serves as Vice President of leaders2give.

Tracey Greenberg

[BONUS] – Additional opportunities are available for Camp Midlife members who wish to experience a unique opportunity for leadership development training, as an individual of an organization, or bring a team!

4Es Leadership Development Program — A corporate leadership development program with purpose. leaders2inspire offers 4Es, a leadership development program for organizations who also want to engage in social corporate responsibility initiatives that connect corporate purpose with the work its people do every day. Leadership theory and strategy training is part of it, but we take it one step further by translating that learning into action at a tactical level. At the heart of this program, is our off-site leadership development retreat in Mexico. The retreat is designed to give attendees an opportunity to demonstrate, in a real-life setting, how authentic leadership skills can be applied in order to have a direct impact and improve lives. The active part of the program runs for a year and includes ongoing virtual training and support. Upon completion of the program, participants become alumni4life members which provides access to our library of training and support resources with a focus on keeping the network of authentic leaders alive through sharing and collaboration.

Please visit to learn more about our 4Es Leadership Development Program.