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RAOK by Deb Lawson

Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) has inspired this post today.

It happened to me yesterday morning at the Tim Horton’s drive thru. I of course paid-it-forward. It was already a bright sunny morning, and after the driver ahead of me paid for my coffee, the day got brighter. After I paid for the driver behind me, the day got even more brighter. I was kinda beaming all day. (and it’s not because I was dog-sitting for a friend; although I have to say it felt so good to have a furry four-legged friend in our home again!)

All this to say that as we begin the last week of the month I’m reminded there are many human-isms that make me beam.

Politeness * Generosity * Appreciation * Compassion * Gratitude * Grace * Enthusiasm * Community * Positivity * Reverence * Forgiveness * Unconditional Love

To some degree these feelings and practices all seem to orbit around this thing called kindness. I’m fully aware of what it does for me, as much as it does for others. #best-life-principle


Nuff said.

Deb Lawson
CEO-Chief Experience Officer

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