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This Year Will Be Different – Cyndee Jardieu

This Year Will Be Different

Written By
Cyndee Jardieu

January 1st the beginning of a new year is when people make resolutions, and for a time have hope for the coming year, that this year it will be different. You will lose the weight, eat better, save more money, get a better job, go to Italy, or whatever is your dream.

The truth of the matter is, research has shown that by March most people give up and fall back to old habits and abandon their goals.

Why do you think that is so? Well, I think it may be that people try to change too much at once. That the changes are so overwhelming people give up and go back to their old habits.

How can you avoid this pitfall? Here are some tips I believe can help you have more success. First, you need to write it down. A goal (resolution) not written down is a wish. So get a journal and write it down. Next, you use the 5% rule. The idea is to take your goal and just do 5% more. You could do that can’t you? If you want to drink more water, just drink 5% more in your day. If you want to eat more veggies, just eat 5% more.

The 5% rule is doable. You can do just 5% more can’t you? This rule breaks down what may seem to be an unreachable goal and brings you closer each week, each day to your goal.

You can also tell your family and friends your goals so they can cheer you on and hold you accountable. Make sure you tell those who will be supportive and not negative. You can also join a group that will help support you. This could be a writers group if you want to write a book or a weight watchers group etc. Checkout for groups that might interest you.

Read. Get books that inspire you toward your goals. Make a vision board. This is a poster that has pictures or word phrases about your goal. You need to put it where you can see it often. And, last but not least, “Act as if“ you have already achieved your goals. How does it feel to be healthier? To have published your book or to have that vacation you wanted. It will feel good and keep you motivated.

To review my tips –
● Write your goals in a journal
● Use the 5% rule
● Share your goals with supportive family and friends
● Join a group (club) of like minded people
● Read books that inspire you about your goals
● Make a vision board
● “Act as if”- think about your goals as if you have already achieved them

Many people will not take action and change their lives, But not YOU.

My wish for you this new year is that you take action, wonderfully imperfect action that gets you closer to your dreams and goals.

As always, I am here cheering you on.

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