Our Global Traveling Journal





Below you will find a copy of what the letter will look like that accompanies the joural.

Welcome to the Camp Midlife Traveling Journal Global Project! Wow, that’s a mouthful. You have been chosen to participate by someone who thinks that others will want to hear what you have to say. Have you felt like your purpose in life has changed? Maybe you are going through empty nest syndrome, or experiencing signs of loneliness/depression. Has your body been going through changes? Hormones, hot flashes, emotions out of whack? Weight gain (or loss) without trying? Hello, Midlife! Midlife is NOT a crisis, but another chapter in our lives. Along with these changes, there are also many reasons to celebrate and to find new ways to live and thrive. The Traveling Journals are one way to start a connection and bring women together from many different locations in order to learn from each other. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life, using a couple of pages (use front & back if you need a little more room). Make sure to put the date at the top as well as the rest of the info in the instructions. We want to hear what you are experiencing; the good, the bad, & the ugly. Don’t forget the crazy, the wonderful, and the hilarious!

What is Camp Midlife all about? We are building a sisterhood community for women entering and experiencing midlife (& beyond) through several platforms. The Camp Midlife website has blog entries from different contributors, various hacks to help with midlife living, information about our charitable endeavors, membership benefits, and so much more. As the journals come back, we are going to upload them to the website so that we can all see what everyone has to say. The private Facebook group will provide a forum to safely express our thoughts, ask questions, and share our experiences. There will also be actual Camp Midlife retreats! Yes, like Girl Scout camp, but designed with us in mind. We will be treated with special guest speakers, make s’mores over a campfire, play games, compete in teams, enjoy laughter, stories, and make memories. Three meals a day, snacks, and of course, wine. Come prepared to experience an unforgettable event; kumbaya moments included. First camp is slated for 8/20 – 8/23, 2020 in Sonoma, County, CA.

Who are we?

Hey, I’m Mollie Openshaw, the founder of Camp Midlife. Taking a couple of steps back, it all started with creating Mood Swing Wines, where I uncorked the conversation about menopause, midlife, and the truth about having an empty nest through a bottle of wine. In my work as a Midlife Coach, I challenge women to regain self, find purpose and adventure in everything they do, and to celebrate each day. Now, I have a platform where I speak to audiences around the globe. I bring my energy to the stage to bring motivation, inspiration, and humor while speaking truth. Creating this online global community to share, learn, motivate, and inspire each other is the natural next step.

And, I am Traci Lay. I have partnered with Mollie on this project as well as being a monthly contributor on the website (along with many other amazing women). I have a ton of fun with both a personal bog (A Happy Realist’s Journey), where I explore life, and a fashion blog (Wisdom & Musings), where I share fashion tips and tricks along with my opinion (you’re welcome) on what to wear and how to wear it. My mobile & online clothing boutique called The Roaming Runway is where I get to practice what I preach. I love learning new things and sharing them. My business, like my life, is ever evolving, and I look forward to learning from this community of women. If you are fortunate enough to come to a Camp Midlife Retreat, I will be one of the Camp Counselors, and I would love to meet you!

Remember to put this welcome letter back into the envelope and pass this journal on to someone who would benefit from being a part of this sisterhood. Now, take a bookmark so that you have all of the information about

Camp Midlife to use in the future. If there are no bookmarks left, just email: Campmidlife@gmail.com and we will mail you more. Please pass this journal on in a timely fashion (a week or less please).

Journey of the traveling journal entitled Lotus.

Harley Starting the Journal

On February 6, 2020, Mollie handed Harley the traveling journal. Entry was made and passed on.

Passed to Janelle

On February 16, 2020, the journal was passed off to Janelle.