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Where am I? by Deb Lawson


I’m still waiting for aliens to show up in my backyard.

I have been enjoying restful l-o-n-g sleeps until late. I wake up at all hours and my brain in whirling. Damn. I just want to sleep. I know how important sleep is for your health (body & mind).

So is having happy thoughts.

Reflecting on my past memorable experiences makes me happy.

Planning the future of where, when, how I will check off my #bucket-list makes me happy.

Present living — with all the learning, writing, and creating I’m doing — is making me really happy.

There, I’ve declared it. I find when you declare stuff publicly — it happens.

I’m happy and in the present. As alien-like as it is. Hope this helps my sleep.

… and remember, pictures paint a 1,000 words.

“inDEBted” ….

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